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Speech and Language in the Classroom

Speech and Language Support

We work in partnership with teachers, speech and language therapists, learning support specialists and parents to support pupils with developmental speech and language difficulties.

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Help with Speech and Language in the Classroom

Speech Link and Language Link provide assessment, intervention and measured outcomes to help with speech, language and communication needs within the classroom.

Last year over 70,000 pupils were screened nationally using our assessments. To find out how we can help your school, view our short video or contact us directly to find out more.

We provide four primary school packages:

Reception Baseline: our new Reception Baseline Assessment is language focused and designed to work with our other popular language packages. Find out more here

Speech Link enables teachers to check for delays in the development of speech sounds. Speech work within school or referral to a speech and language therapist is recommended by the screening tool. Guidance, resources and games are provided to enable work with pupils in school.

Infant Language Link and Junior Language Link include a language screening assessment and a whole range of supporting resources and advice are provided to address both classroom practice and small group work. The assessments are recommended for use as a universal screen on school entry and the start of Key Stage 2.

We provide one secondary school package:

Secondary Language Link package was introduced in January 2014. It equips schools with a standardised screening tool to identify pupil's understanding of language at Key Stage 3. Schools are supported to address the needs of pupils identified using the small group intervention, TALK FITNESS.

Central to the package is a focus on supporting the classroom teaching. The online teacher training package, SLCN Inclusion Toolkit together with the strategies to support differentiation outlined in the Inclusive Teaching Plans enable schools to evaluate their inclusive practice.